Above $40,000 Islands

These island display kits are perfect for anybody looking for a top-notch look for their upcoming trade show exhibit! Each of these high-quality packages are priced starting at $40k, and are made up of some of our most robust display systems, ensuring a high-end look. Tall booths with branding opportunities maximize visibility from the exhibit hall floors, while intentional and unique layouts help you achieve your goals when exhibiting.

Like what you see, but need some extra help planning a booth layout to fit your specific needs? Contact one of our knowledgeable displayologists today for assistance!

Eco-Systems - Lana 20x20 Display ECO.Lana2020
Your Price: $43,999.00
Panoramic 20 Foot Island Kit C Pano2020.C
Your Price: $47,840.00
Eco-Systems - Fero 20x20 Display ECO.Fero2020
Your Price: $49,999.00
Eco-Systems - Palma 20x20 Display ECO.Palma2020
Your Price: $54,799.00
Eco-4008 - Eco-Systems 20x20 Display ECO.4008
Your Price: $55,359.00
Eco-Systems - Malta 20x20 Display ECO.Malta2020
Your Price: $61,999.00
Eco-Systems - Malta 30x50 Display ECO.Malta3050
Your Price: $65,499.00
Eco-Systems - Takuu 20x30 Display ECO.Takuu2030
Your Price: $83,999.00

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