$5,000 to $10,000 Islands

These island display kits are perfect for anybody looking for a great look when working within a budget! Each of these economical packages are priced out between $5k to $10k, and are made up of some of our best-selling displays and hardware. From storage closet displays to portable counters, each booth package includes products to help you put on a great show for attendees!

Like what you see, but need a booth layout to fit your specific needs? Simply purchase the parts you need a-la-carte to create a unique layout perfect for you!

Need help planning your booth space? Contact one of our knowledgeable displayologists today!

Elements Island Storage Kit C ELMISKC
Your Price: $5,863.00
Economy Island Kit B ECN2020B
Your Price: $6,230.00
Elements Island Kit C ELM2020C
Your Price: $6,615.00
Elements Island Kit D ELM2020D
Your Price: $7,645.00
Elements Island Kit E ELM2020E
Your Price: $8,897.00

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