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Turn your island exhibit into a technology display and give your visitors opportunities for self-directed exploration. Gaming software, video equipment, and other engaging technology can all be supported with MediaLine for the interactive exhibit you require.

Economy Island Kit B ECN2020B
Your Price: $6,230.00
Elements Island Kit C ELM2020C
Your Price: $6,615.00
Elements Island Kit B ELM2020B
Your Price: $12,338.00
Flare Island Kit A FLR2020A
Your Price: $15,736.00
2020.02 - 20x20 Exhibitline Tradeshow Display EX202002
(Was $23,845.00)Your Price: $23,340.00
2020.01 - 20x20 Exhibitline Tradeshow Display EX202001
(Was $29,970.00)Your Price: $27,490.00
Eco-Systems - Varo 20x20 Display ECO.Varo2020
Your Price: $39,599.00
Panoramic 20 Foot Island Kit C Pano2020.C
Your Price: $47,840.00
Eco-Systems - Fero 20x20 Display ECO.Fero2020
Your Price: $49,999.00
Eco-Systems - Palma 20x20 Display ECO.Palma2020
Your Price: $54,799.00
Eco-Systems - Takuu 20x30 Display ECO.Takuu2030
Your Price: $83,999.00

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