Eco-1024 - Eco-Systems - 10x10 Display

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The Rundown

10' Eco-Systems - Eco-1024 Display.

The Eco-Systems 10x10 Eco-1024 has a clean, professional look and is constructed using many eco-friendly materials.

Package includes 10' display unit with Recyclable Aluminum Frame, LED Lights, Fabric Graphics, Header Graphic, Adjustable Shelves, Storage Area, and Crate.

A Little More Info.

  • Availability: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Includes:
    - Recyclable Aluminum Frame
    - (2) LED Energy Efficient Lights
    - (2) Paradise Tension Fabric Graphics
    - (1) GreenCore 2-Piece Header Graphic
    - (1) Recycled Tension Fabric Canopy
    - (1) FSC Laminate Adjustable Shelves
    - (1) Storage Area with FSC Laminate Infill
    - (1) FSC MED Certified Crate

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