The Displayit Team

Displayit founded in 1996

Displayit is very proud of the team that we've built to serve you. Our team members have a diverse range of experiences and capabilities, and each one takes great pride in offering our clients first-rate service. Read on to learn more about the people involved in your Displayit experience.

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Josh Axelberd - President/CEO

Josh Axelberd -

Josh, the future-oriented visionary, is constantly honing Displayit's master plan. He enjoys all aspects of running the company, but his true passions are marketing and team-building. His major focus is ensuring that Displayit can provide its clients with the resources they need to create great displays, as well as providing clients with the knowledge necessary to make their marketing events profitable.

Prior to joining Displayit in 1999, Josh wore many hats in the trade show world. His 15 years of industry experience include stints in sales, marketing, and project management. He is a 1995 graduate of Georgia College & State University.

Fred Axelberd - VP Fulfillment

Fred Axelberd -
Founder/VP Fulfillment

Fred is Displayit's "founding father" (quite literally, actually...he's Josh's dad). He founded our company, one of the first online exhibit distributors, in 1996.

He retired to serve our nation in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. However, he loves Displayit so much, that he couldn't stay away for TOO long. Fred unretired in 2012 to oversee the opening of our new fulfillment center. He's been a key player in getting our in-house graphics production up and running.

Andrew von Essen - Operations Manager

Andrew von Essen -
Operations Manager

Andrew is a whiz at managing all of the minutiae that each project entails. His ongoing mission is to simplify the post-sale process for our clients and to create an experience that's "tell-your-friends"-worthy.

Andrew joined Displayit in 2007, with a background in customer service, sales, and operations management. He earned his associate's degree in psychology from Georgia Perimeter College in 2003.

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Account Managers & Sales

Michael Rector - Director of Custom Projects

Michael Rector -
Senior Account Manager

As Senior Account Manager, Michael is the go-to guy when it comes to customized displays; his specialty is truss exhibits. He strives to provide each of his clients with informative consultations and exceptional solutions, leaving his clients awe-stricken!

Michael joined Displayit in 2005, after 15 years of running his own custom electrical services business.

Ben Forlaw - Account Manager

Ben Forlaw -
Senior Account Manager

Ben is renowned for creating a favorable first impression with new clients, providing world-class customer service with his extensive product knowledge.

Ben joined Displayit in 2008, after several years in the insurance industry. He graduated from The University of South Florida in 2004 with a degree in history. Ben has previously worked in retail sales and a skilled trade.

Jack Bierman - Account Manager

Jack Bierman -
Senior Account Manager

Jack is the "Jack of All Tradeshows," having worked in every facet of the trade show business. He brings lots of industry knowledge to the table, and he has handled everything from basic customer service inquiries to million-dollar projects. No matter what size project he's currently handling, Jack works hard to see its successful execution.

Jack joined Displayit in 2010. He brings 13 years of industry experience with him and worked with Josh prior to joining the team.

Laura Haney

Laura Haney -
Account Manager

Laura began her Displayit career in December 2011 as the head of our shipping department. She has 18 years' combined experience in customer service and logistics. Laura's role is constantly evolving as she learns new facets of the trade show universe. She's currently taking on additional duties as an Account Manager.

Even when she isn't holding the tapegun, Laura's still our #1 "Shipping Warrior." She always has her eye on your deadline to ensure that everything arrives in time for your event!

Bryce Manson

Bryce Manson -
Account Manager

Bryce joined us in 2012. He currently manages in-house printing jobs and does a lot of artwork preflight.

Bryce is an excellent multi-tasker and has been cross-trained in many areas, the mark of a true "Renaissance Man." His nickname is also a nod to his history degree, which he earned from the University of Georgia.


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Creative Department

Teresa Franklin-Kern

Teresa Franklin-Kern -
Graphic Designer

Teresa is the resident "Design Master" at Displayit. Like all good ninjas, she's constantly waging war on the evil forces of the world - specifically, bad trade show design, poor quality imagery, and too much text.

Teresa joined the team in April 2012. Her past experience includes design, brand-building, project management, and shaping the young minds of future design ninjas (as a former digital design and graphics sensei at Columbus State Community College). She earned her BSD (Bachelors of Science in Visual Communication Design) from Ohio State University.

Jared Lioi

Jared Lioi -
Artwork Technician

Jared is our in-house artwork inspector, proofer, and preflighter. He checks art to make sure it is the right size, good quality, and has all the supporting files we need to successfully print your art.

Scott Simmons - Designer

Scott Simmons -
Product Development Manager

Scott's in charge of the products that we sell - whether it's improving displays that we currently offer or researching and developing brand-new products. He's also in charge of the company's branding, from the look of the website to the art on the bathroom walls! Scott loves innovation and is constantly seeking new technologies that Displayit can use to improve its business operations and customer service.

Scott began his career in the trade show industry in 2005, shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia (BFA, Digital Media). He joined the Displayit team in 2007.

Bev Manson

Bev Manson -
Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Bev believes that all of our clients' experiences (well...EVERY endeavor, actually) should end with a WOW! "Adequate" is never good enough. Bev's obsession with warm and friendly hospitality has led her to run motivational workshops and seminars, which she writes and facilitates at churches and civic organizations.

Bev is also passionate about giving to others, a mindset which shows how she epitomizes our core values. Since "life is too short to live miserably or miserly," Bev wants everyone she interacts with to walk away feeling welcomed.

Kimberly Simmons - Marketing Assistant

Kimberly Simmons -
Marketing Assistant

Kimberly is a behind-the-scenes player, working closely with the marketing and design/web teams to build the Displayit brand.

Kimberly joined the team in August 2010. She earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia (international business). Her professional background includes customer service and management, with several years' experience in retail and distribution.

Fulfillment & Production

Ryan Simpson

Ryan Simpson -
Production Manager

Ryan is in charge of our in-house graphic production. He has 18 years' experience in large-format printing, and he uses his extensive knowledge on fabrics and printers to make production run smoothly and to produce better-quality products.

Sean Finke

Sean Finke -
Digital Imaging Specialist

Sean preflights art, runs printers, dye-sub heat press, and cuts/finishes our UV and latex prints. He has been in the printing industry for 15 years. Sean's always willing to lend a hand, something his teammates always appreciate!

Maria Beebe

Maria Beebe -
Project Manager

Maria manages all of the in-house print jobs at our fulfillment center. She keeps track of each project, making sure that everything is top-quality and gets out the door on time.

Production Team

Production Team - From left to right: Robert, Joe, Kevin, Jamie, Marina, Olga, Loan, Linda

These are just a few people from our super-talented production team. Without their expertise, we wouldn't get anything done.

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