Graphic Header for 10' Curved Pop-Up

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The Rundown

Graphic wrap header for our 10' Premium and Standard pop-ups. We have two different printing options to choose from: lambda and direct-print. The lambda process allows us to take digital computer files and go directly to output of a large-format photographic print. This allows us to offer a beautiful print with unmatched turnaround time. All of our lambda prints feature our premium lamination that will help you to preserve your graphics. Our premium lamination process allows us to offer a guarantee for life against delamination. The direct-print process allows us to offer economical prints that still look great. We primarily use this product for either flexible detachable graphics on pop-up displays, table top displays, counters and case wraps, or for prints on rigid substrates. The direct-print process does not offer the true photo quality of lambda but it does offer a very nice graphic at a highly affordable price. We print directly onto the substrate which saves the cost of the lamination process. The prints are still highly durable and should have a place in any exhibit program.

Other sizes available upon request. Call for details.

Graphic File Setup Instructions:
For the premium frame header provide a file that is 149.5"w x 14"h (live area 111.5"w x 14"h). For the standard frame header provide a file that is 147.75"w x 14"h (live area 117.75"w x 14"h). Files should be at least 100 dpi at full size and in CMYK for direct-print and RGB color mode for lambda. Click here to upload your artwork file(s).
- Click to download graphic template for Premium pop-up header.

A Little More Info.

  • Dimensions: Recommended Size:
    - Premium Frame Header: 149.5"w x 14"h (live area is 111.5"w x 14"h)
    - Standard Frame Header: 147.75"w x 14"h (live area is 117.75"w x 14"h)
  • Availability: 5-7 Business Days
  • Weight: 3 lbs