How to Install SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) the Right Way

Turn and Tuck

What Does "SEG" Mean?

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphic. A flexible silicone gasket is sewn to the four sides of a fabric graphic. This silicone edge is then tucked into a channel in a frame or display. The silicone edge makes the graphic easy to install and easy to replace when you are ready for a message change.

General Installation Instructions

Turn and tuck the fabric and silicone gasket into the SEG channel. Make sure the stitched edge (the edge with thread sewn on) goes into the channel first. The silicone will be hidden behind the fabric as it is tucked into the channel.

For best results, follow this order:
A. First, tuck all four corners of the frame
B. Then, tuck the middle of each side
C. Finally, tuck the remainder of the gasket

Watch an Instruction Video

Installation is the same on virtually any SEG frame or display.