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Oh sure, bigger is better... until that new, bigger custom exhibit – with all the associated shipping, storage, drayage, you-name-it expenses -- hits your marketing budget. So how do you make that splash without getting soaked?

When your display draws all the traffic -- yet keeps your budget and sanity on track -- that’s a Knockout. If you’re able to expand the size of your booths without forfeiting individuality or good design, that’s a Knockout. And when your display boasts a bold, modern look that says custom booth beyond the shadow of a doubt, it’s definitely a Knockout.

Is This Your Definition of a Tailor-made Trade Show Display?

Custom exhibit booths are built to satisfy a need to be perceived as unique. Actually, most of the elements of any made-to-order trade show exhibit are common and familiar. When a good display design incorporates an exclusive selection of these individual details, the resulting display achieves that uncommon status of a one-of-a-kind display.

Knockout Delivers Low Cost of Ownership and Operation

So how does Displayit give you everything – booth good looks and controlled spending – without sacrificing?

  • Engineering – Our fabric over aluminum system delivers an extremely high graphics-to-weight ratio, so you pay less for shipping and drayage compared to traditional and modular designs.
  • Standard Size – No component exceeds 46 inches in length, so the entire display fits in standard flat-packer cases (included) for easy transport and storage.
  • Renewable – Long-lasting aluminum frame components combined with changeable graphics mean your exhibit will be functional and fresh for years.

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