Displayit's Referral Program


You're here because you have questions about our referral program, right? Good news! We have answers!

What You Get

If your referral's first order is $250 or more, YOU will be tagged to receive a $100 gift (sorry, no cash, but it's almost as good). That's $100 for each new qualifying referral!

We know, the word "qualifying" can be one of those words that makes you look sideways at your monitor, but all it means is that your referral's first order has to be over $250 (excluding tax). That's all!

You will also be the recipient of your referral's undying gratitude and they will probably buy you lunch.

What They Get

Your qualifying (there's that word again) referral will get 10% off their first order (up to $1000 discount). Not too shabby!

OK, so it's not as much fun as what YOU get, but you might just sleep better at night knowing you helped a friend out.