Portable Briefcase Displays

Portable briefcase displays are an excellent choice for exhibitors who are on the go, a popular choice for professionals such as consultants, recruiters, and sales representatives.

Each of our briefcase-style displays consists of three interior panels lined with Velcro-compatible fabric and fold up like a briefcase for easy transport; once you reach your destination, the exhibit unfolds into an attractive, table top display.

ShowStyle Stage II Self Packing Table Top Display TT023
(Was $495.00)Your Price: $445.00
ShowMax Self Packing Table Top Display TT003
(Was $995.00)Your Price: $895.00
Voyager Mini Briefcase Display TT027
Your Price: $275.00
Voyager Maxi Briefcase Display TT026
Your Price: $319.00
Voyager Supreme Briefcase Display TT025
Your Price: $399.00
Voyager Mega Briefcase Display TT024
Your Price: $399.00
Voyager Monster Briefcase Display TT022
Your Price: $499.00
Pactiva Self Packing Table Top Display TT017
(Was $995.00)Your Price: $895.00

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