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Displayit ≠ Tradeshow Displays

Sure, we sell trade show displays for your exhibit booths. That's how we make our money. But that's not why we're in business.

Tradeshow exhibiting can be highly effective, but it can also be highly stressful... perhaps more so than any other form of marketing. On a date you don't control, everything has to be just right. In just a couple days -- or hours -- poof, it's over. Now you're stuck with the bill. Will you have the results to show for it?

Our aim is to make it easy for exhibitors like you to get ready for your next event and give you your best shot at success. We look for opportunities to be a blessing to our clients and eliminate anxiety and stress wherever we can along the way.

So we figure you might need more than a trade show display (a.k.a. "Exhibit Stuff"). Since many of our clients are not tradeshow experts (it's not their main job), you might have questions about planning or options; see our "Instant Smarts" section. And if you're not sure who is going to do all this extra work (that's way beyond your job description), check out our "Extra Hands."

Please let us know how we can be a blessing to you. And should you favor us with your business, I promise we'll give you reason to smile.

Yours truly,