FreshLine 10' x 20' Displays

When the trade show floor becomes crowded with dozens – or often hundreds – of other exhibitors, bringing something new to the table can feel like an impossible task. Attendees are always looking for something they’ve never seen before, and often times even larger booth spaces can start to all look the same. In the battle for attention, FreshLine displays can give you the edge by bringing a creative look to your 10x20 trade show booth.

FreshLine is the perfect one-stop location for the latest trends in exhibiting backwalls. These 10’ x 20’ inline displays are regularly updated to make sure that you always have a diverse lineup of unique products that will help show off your message!

These FreshLine 10x20 creative trade show booths are:

  • Bright: Although any display can utilize lights and colors to their advantage, FreshLine features backwalls that amplify these effects with backlighting and printing methods that create vivid colors to help get you noticed.
  • Emerging: Here at Displayit, we’re always looking for what’s new in exhibiting. As we continue to create new and exciting products, we put the most innovative designs right here just for you!
  • Sleek: Every once in a while, a design comes along that stands the test of time. These displays are certain to draw heads your direction and give you an upscale look.
  • Surprising: Sometimes revealing something unexpected is the best way to grab attendees' attention. FreshLine utilizes unique sights and sounds to create a multisensory experience to captivate your audience.

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