Knockout 10' x 20' Exhibit Backlit Wall with Closet - Kit 08 Upgraded Kit A ($19,250)

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The Rundown

Knockout gives you a clean, focused look with plenty of room to showcase your important graphics and messaging. What they won't see is how little you spent to get it there. Knockout displays are designed to pack small and ship light, typically saving you over 60% on shipping and drayage fees compared to traditional and modular displays. Download our 2-page PDF brochure at right for details.

Highlights of This Design

Backlit displays are quickly becoming the best way to show off a simple, bold message that sticks in the minds of passersby. But once you have clients hooked, what if you want to deliver a detailed message in a video format, too?

Having a monitor pressed up against a backlit display is almost always the death kiss of any trade show video presentation. The two glowing surfaces end up competing for attention – and one always loses.

That’s why this display features a 44-inch-deep separation between your two lit displays! By mounting your monitor to the 5-foot-wide storage closet, you get the benefit of both the 8' Flare backwall and the monitor area without cannibalizing your message. This backlit monitor display combo is a 1-2 punch that’s certain to floor attendees!

Oops! We almost forgot to also mention there’s a 20-inch-wide slatwall display panel for holding your product and promotional items. Perfect.

To have additional storage and writing surfaces, consider adding more counters to your booth space. Or, you could skip the monitor and add slatwall to hang even more products on. There are lots of ways you can have fun with this design and make it your own! Call one of our Displayologists and let's explore your ideas.

Included in Every Knockout

  • Options Galore - The Knockout Purchase Options Price List shows you available Knockout options. Start with the price of the Base Unit, then add the options you want to create your perfect Knockout.
  • Massive Impression - Make a huge impact on attendees with Knockout's edge-to-edge fabric graphics. We hide the distracting support structure from attendees so all they see are your key display elements.
  • Effective Spend - Knockout is designed to suppress budget bloat. It's engineered to minimize weight, bulk, and installation/dismantling expense.

Put your basic frame in your cart, buy it to get the process rolling, then talk to a Displayologist to add the options you want from the Purchase Options Price List. You're on your way to your very own customized display.

Free Setup and Dismantling Comes With!

Displayit wants you to experience the joy and freedom of having someone else erect your booth before the show, then take it down and pack it up for you when it's over.

If your first outing with this new exhibit is in one of the many cities we provide I&D (Installation and Dismantling) services, we'll perform your first "set" for FREE! Call one of our Displayologists to discuss your location and dates, and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

Call us if you don't see what you want. We might be able to augment the options shown and create your perfect solution.

A Little More Info.

  • Product Video:
    Watch the Product Video
  • Availability: 15 business days
  • Dimensions:
    Backwall: 208"w x 48"d x 92"h
    Optional Large Knockout Counter: 45"w x 26"d x 39.25"h
  • Includes:

    (1) Aluminum frame
    (7) Dye-sublimated fabric graphics
    (1) 8' Flare backlit display
    (1) Attached closet with locking door
    (2) Flat packing shipping cases with wheels
    (1) Multi-tool for easy assembly

  • Add-On Options:

    Upgrade Kit A:
    (1) Large Knockout Counter
    with doors and 3 fabric graphics
    (1) 20" printed slatwall section*
    (1) Monitor mount for a 32"-60" monitor*
    (2) Wall-flooding LED stemlights
    (1) Extra flat packing shipping case

    *Monitor and slatwall accessories not included

  • Downloads:

Video: Knockout

Knockout Overview Video:


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