Eco-Systems - Circo 10x20 Display

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The Rundown

20' Eco-Systems - Circo Display.

The Circo 10x20 unit is simple in design, incorporating vast graphic space as well as several lights and a monitor mount. This is the larger, reconfigurable version of the 10x10 Circo.

Package Includes 20' display unit with Recyclable Aluminum Frame, LED Energy Efficient Lights, Tension Fabric Graphics, Graphic Headers, Frosted Wings, Monitor Mount, Crate.

A Little More Info.

  • Availability: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Includes:
    - Recyclable Aluminum Frame
    - (9) LED Energy Efficient Lights
    - (3) Paradise Tension Fabric Graphics
    - (2) Eco-Poly Graphic Headers
    - (4) Eco Glass Frosted Wings
    - (1) Small Monitor Mount (10" to 24")
    - (2) Eco-Panel System with Laminate
    - (3) Regrind Flat Panel Case and (1) Graphic Shipping Tube
    - Upgrade included to reconfigure to a 10x10 display
  • Add-On Options:
    - Bamboo Cabinet
    - Podium
    - Flooring

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Eco-Systems - Circo 10x20 Display ECO.Circo20
Your Price: $15,199.00