Island Displays | 20' x 20' and Larger Islands and Peninsulas

Displayit island displays are designed to make you the center of attention. These larger convention display stands let you exploit the height above your booth and give you increased accessibility to prospects from every angle.

We've created galleries to let you explore our island exhibits for 20' X 20' and larger (much larger!) exhibit spaces. Enjoy our collections of OpEx island rental displays, custom island displays, LED video wall rentals, and Graffiti economy island rental displays, with prices shown. Some are available to rent, others to purchase. Select ones that interest you, note the Style Numbers, and call our Displayologists at 800.207.0311 to discuss options and make one perfect for you.

OpEx Island Rental Display Gallery
Custom Island Display Gallery
LED Video Wall Island Rental Gallery
Graffiti Economy Island Rental Gallery
Island Kits

Below we have popular island displays that are packaged as "kits", so you have fewer decisions to make. These proven convention display stands can be used on island and peninsula booths with confidence. As you click to the respective product pages, you'll find lots of details to help make your selection easier. Then we'll print and mount your custom graphics to turn heads and turn your booth into the center of attention.

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