About Us

Displayit's Approach to Your Event

Displayit makes it easy for exhibitors to get ready for their next event.

How do we do that? With great care.


Looming Deadline?

We assume time is not your friend. You're feeling the pressure with too much to do, and you have to make a major purchase (a display) from some unfamiliar company (like Displayit). You have no time for do-overs. The deadline dictates that you have one shot to get it all right. We think you'll appreciate:

  • Live Assistance – our Displayologists™ answer the phones every business day to help you find the shortest path to the best solution for you. They're not paid on commission; their purpose is to be a blessing to you. If it's between 8:30 and 5:30 PM Eastern right now, you can talk to one live at 800-207-0311.
  • Trustworthy Products – What we mean is that we have learned how to avoid the flimsy, inferior offshore products that plague our industry and give the few good Internet sellers a bad name. Everything in our on-line catalog of Exhibit Stuff is guaranteed to be a solid performer for you.
  • Extra Hands for the Shorthanded –We're staffed to handle work our clients often can't... things like graphics design, or on-site installation and dismantling of our larger exhibits. Lean on us and you can sleep peacefully.
  • Insourced Production –Many of our competitors outsource production, often outside the US. We insource ("do it ourselves"), with all critical aspects of fabrication and fulfillment under one roof in Buford, Georgia, USA near Atlanta. We've put some special systems into place so we can get every order exactly right while still delivering flaming fast ship times. We call it "Perfect Speed." Now you probably want to know How We Make 'Em.

Got Lots of Time?

Though many clients come to us with their show fast approaching, we're ready to assist those who start planning months in advance. We offer tactical tools including forms, guides, checklists, and proven shortcuts. You'll also find strategic resources including our free online video training course, Trade Show University, to enable you to take a comprehensive approach to your tradeshow event. Still, if you're in a hurry, we can help you fill in knowledge gaps and answer your questions. That's why we call it "Instant Smarts".

Collectively, we hope that all this reduces your stress level and makes getting ready for your next event a pleasant experience, even when time frames are tight. To see how this has worked for those before you, check out What Clients Say about us.


Displayit, 4345 Hamilton Mill Rd #100, Buford, GA 30518, USA