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Team Displayit
Displayit’s #1 core value is that “We build our organization with great people,” and we’re very proud of the team we’ve built to serve you. Read on to learn more about the people involved in your experience with us.

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    Meet the Support Services Team

    Support Services Team Having Fun

    Meet the people who comprise our executive team, making sure that we all have everything we need - from the proper tools to the proper training - to serve you efficiently and effectively.

    Meet the members

Josh Axelberd - CEO

Josh Axelberd
Chief Executive Officer

As Displayit’s CEO, Josh is at the heart of the company’s strategic planning and business development initiatives. Like a loving parent (minus the yelling), he concentrates on challenges that the company will face in the future, then lays the groundwork for our long-term success.

In 1995, shortly after graduating from Georgia College and State University, Josh went to work in advertising for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Soon, the trade show industry beckoned, and Josh heeded its call, gaining experience in sales, marketing, and project management. He grew to love helping others succeed at their marketing events, and, in 1999, he jumped at the chance to build a small business called “Displayit” with his father. Josh eventually took over the company reins in 2005, expanding the business and boosting sales with a thorough knowledge of social media and paid search engine marketing.

After more than a decade under Josh’s leadership, Displayit continues to create jobs and enjoy strong growth. Pretty remarkable, when you realize that everything began with a father, his son, and a 10-page catalog.

My favorite part of my job is... “Watching everyone work together as a team and live out our core values.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Rooting for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets or serving in my church.”

Little-known fact: Josh has a photographic memory when it comes to numbers.


Fred Axelberd - President

Fred Axelberd
Founder & President

Business is not life and death. It’s way more important than that.

Fred founded Displayit in 1996, with the intention of making trade show marketing more accessible to smaller exhibitors. He created a short catalog (featuring portable table top displays), and we were in business. By 1998, the paper catalog was scrapped in favor of an online catalog, and was born. With the internet still in its infancy, Fred had yet to realize what it - and Displayit - would become.

What Fred ultimately discovered is that the company he founded would take on a life of its own (hence the nifty quote above). Today, Displayit supports hundreds of people, from its employees and their families to its vendors and the surrounding community.

After a brief retirement (and service in the Coast Guard Auxiliary), Fred returned in 2012, using his experience with commercial real estate and capital equipment to help launch our in-house production facility. In his current role, he makes sure that our fabrication team has everything they need to produce quality products at great prices.

During the past two decades, Fred has enjoyed watching the trade show industry transform from a structure-dominated business to a message-dominated business. He looks forward to seeing how Displayit and our industry will evolve in the years to come.

My favorite part of my job is... “Being part of a team and all that it entails -  the interaction, the accomplishments, and the shared dreams.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Playing tennis, attending bootcamp interval training, or working out at Orangetheory. During college football season, it’s all about the Yellow Jackets. I also enjoy reading historical novels and geopolitical fiction.”

Little-known fact: Fred loves acting and has been in several plays. His most recent role was musical impresario Albert Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie.

Brian Burton - Chief Information Officer

Brian Burton
Chief Information Officer

Current title-holder of “Most Frequently-Sought Displayit Employee,” Brian (more commonly known as “BRI-ANNN!!!” during business hours) is in charge of all of the technological infrastructure required to keep Displayit up and running.

Brian was bitten by the programming bug as a child, when he was forced to enter line after line of code on his Commodore VIC-20 in order to play video games (his friends all had Ataris). Later, while enrolled in Apple IIc programming classes, Brian fell head over heels for 8-bit graphics, way before the heyday of Super Mario Bros. and Minecraft. Ultimately, it was the CGI in Terminator 2 that inspired him to earn his visual communications degree.

Although more of his time is devoted to PHP, MySQL, and jQuery than gaming these days, Brian’s happy to be part of the IT crowd. And though he eventually upgraded to a Commodore 64, he never did get around to buying that Atari...

My favorite part of my job is...“That it’s always evolving and we’re always open to embracing the latest technologies.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Going to the beach, ziplining with my kids, or going on adventures with my family.”

Little-known fact: In his youth, Brian was an avid snowboarder. Since Georgia lacks the snow required for that sport, he gets his adrenaline fix by taking the interstate to work instead.

John Clough - Chief Operating Officer

John Clough
Chief Operating Officer

John keeps Displayit’s well-oiled machine running at peak performance, overseeing the execution of our operational strategies and initiatives. A key member of our Support Services team, John is highly focused on areas necessary for operational success, including IT, facilities, and employee safety. He also helps boost morale, making sure that fun is our secret weapon.  

Throughout his career, John has been recognized for his strong leadership skills and penchant for problem-solving. He earned his management wings while running a restaurant start-up, then went on to lead several customer and technical support teams at Harbor Payments and high-tech firm Hewlett-Packard. John has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Winthrop University.

John also enjoys being a blessing to others in his community, whether it’s through coaching cross country at Providence Christian Academy, volunteering in his church, or supporting non-profit organizations such as Amigos for Christ.

My favorite part of my job is...“Nurturing our employees. I want everyone to work hard, but I also want everyone to enjoy being here. I like learning how we can be a better workplace for our team members.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Getting together with family and friends, watching baseball games, or hiking.”

Little-known facts: John has visited all 50 states and has done 8 marathons.

Julie Polachek Chief Financial Officer

Julie Polachek
Chief Financial Officer

If it involves A/P, A/R, EBT, or ROI, then Julie’s on it! An essential part of our Support Services team, Julie manages all of Displayit’s financial matters. She also has her hand in many HR-related areas, including payroll, benefits administration, and OSHA compliance.

Julie’s impressive résumé includes stints as a public accountant with Big 8 firm Arthur Young & Co. (now Ernst & Young), corporate accountant and manager of financial reporting for Cox Enterprises, and finance/operations administrator for a major metro Atlanta-area church. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Miami University (although her college football loyalties lie with the UGA Bulldogs... don’t tell the RedHawks!).

As a key decision-maker in a growing company, Julie’s never short on opportunities to plan for the company’s long-term fiscal health. With Julie at our financial helm, we know that Displayit will continue to prosper; she takes her duties very seriously and always strives to use our resources wisely.

My favorite part of my job is...“Budgeting and forecasting. I like seeing how our initial forecasts compare with our end results. I also enjoy helping others and offering support to anyone who needs it.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Reading, going to the movies, or playing team trivia.”

Little-known fact: When she’s not up to her ears in balance sheets and cash flow statements, Julie loves exercising the right side of her brain with a good scrapbooking session.

Ryan Simpson - Chief Production Officer

Ryan Simpson
Chief Production Officer

Ryan’s our production rock star, in charge of rallying the entire production crew to create a second-to-none experience for every one of our customers. He’s been in digital printing since its inception; he knows everything from how specialty inks (like those used in backlit displays) work on textiles to how air temperatures and lighting conditions affect print quality.

Once upon a time, back in the Darkroom Ages, Ryan was a photographer. He spent the majority of his time in the studio, developing and enlarging pictures he had taken for his clients. As he took on more and more commercial jobs, he switched to large-format printing full-time. And once digital technology became mainstream, he never looked back.

Always seen flashing a good-natured, mustachioed grin, Ryan’s an incredibly hard worker. He excels at motivating his teammates, constantly pushing them to do their best and further develop their talents. As our production team continues to grow, count on Ryan to continue to raise the bar.

My favorite part of my job is...“Solving problems. In particular, figuring out sizing for custom orders and fitting rush jobs into our production schedule.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Traveling, snorkeling, skiing, white water rafting, fishing... if it involves a lake, river, or ocean, I’m there.”

Little-known fact: Ryan can take 25 quarters, stack them 10 high across his elbow, then catch all of them - without a single coin hitting the floor.

Maria Beebe - Purchasing & Inventory Manager

Maria Beebe
Purchasing & Inventory Manager

Many people count sheep when they’re having trouble sleeping; Maria, however, counts banner stands. As our Purchasing and Inventory Manager, her daily tasks involve lots of juggling: communicating with our vendors, forecasting client demand for our products, and constantly monitoring our existing stock levels.

Maria has served in many roles during her time at Displayit, managing shipments on the Delivery team, transferring graphics on the Artwork Formation team, and collaborating with Client Relations to ensure that in-house jobs were running smoothly and meeting clients’ deadlines.

Maria’s motto at work is, “If Plans A and B fail, the alphabet has 24 letters left.” And when she’s not tied up with keeping track of all our “stuff,” she’s busy coming up with better ways to do things around here - Displayit core value #7.

My favorite part of my job is...“The great relationships we have with our vendors. I love working with them!”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Hiking, reading, or traveling with my family.” (Yellowstone National Park and ghost towns are favorites.)

Little-known fact: Inspired in part by the movie The Weather Man, Maria has recently taken up archery.

Amy Lyons - Staff Accountant

Amy Lyons
Staff Accountant

Warm, cheerful, and always willing to lend her teammates a hand, Amy helps our Support Services team with billing, bookkeeping, and other bean-counting-related tasks. (She works on some HR-related projects, too.)

After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in marketing (from the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida, respectively), Amy worked as a marketing manager for Motorola. She took time off to raise her children, and, once they were older, found time to volunteer at her church. Little did she know that she was about to begin her finance career; her volunteer position wound up morphing into a part-time job as a ministry finance manager.

Now that her children are grown, we’re happy to have Amy at Displayit full-time. We appreciate her skill with numbers and accounting savvy (plus the fact that she graciously puts up with heckling from her Dawgs and Jackets-loving colleagues).

My favorite part of my job is...“Being part of a growing company that has a great culture.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Playing Words with Friends, reading, cooking, or spending time with my family.”

Little-known fact: Amy loves coming up with new inventions and hopes to be on Shark Tank one day.

    Meet the Client Relations Team

    Client Relations Team Having Fun

    This isn’t your average motley crew. These guys and gals are the voices (and faces!) of Displayit, aiming to blow away your expectations every time they serve you.

    Meet the members

Andrew von Essen - Chief Client Officer

Andrew von Essen
Chief Client Officer

Don’t let his laid-back demeanor fool you! Known around the office as “The Answer,” Andrew’s a whiz at managing all of the finer points of the order process, from clients’ initial consultations to their displays leaving our doors and arriving (on time, of course!) at their shows.

Andrew credits his 20-plus years of experience in customer service with making him an advocate for his clients. Once he’s helped his customers find the perfect solutions for their events, Andrew makes sure that everyone stays well-informed from start to finish, garnering praise from clients for his helpful approach and incredible attention to detail.

In his present role, Andrew is in charge of the entire Client Relations team, with an ongoing mission of creating a “tell-your-friends”-worthy experience for every one of our clients.

My favorite part of my job is...“The people I work with, of course!”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Hanging out with my family, gaming, or playing guitar.”

Little-known facts: Andrew once sang at Carnegie Hall with his high school chorus. He also has 0 career wins in office games of H-O-R-S-E.

Katie Hardaway - Client Relations Manager

Katie Hardaway
Client Relations Manager

Always upbeat and sporting a sunny smile, Katie joined Displayit in 2011 as a freshly-minted UGA alumna. She put her marketing degree to work right away, providing guidance to clients on the best way to handle their trade shows and present themselves effectively.

After her earning her stripes as an account manager, she took on the role of operations manager for our Laarhoven Portables division, where she focused on managing resources and improving the order process for our wholesale customers. Katie currently supervises our Client Relations Associates, making sure everyone on her team goes the extra mile while taking care of their clients’ projects.

When she’s not busy fulfilling bridesmaid duties for one of her many friends, you can probably find Katie in Athens, cheering on her beloved Georgia Bulldogs.

My favorite part of my job is...“Working with everybody on our team. I love seeing my co-workers on a daily basis!”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “With friends and family, traveling, or serving as a chapter advisor for my sorority.”

Little-known facts: Katie grew up spending summers on Lake Hartwell (former UGA football coach Mark Richt lived 2 doors down) and is skilled in several water sports, including wakesurfing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding.

Jack Bierman - Account Manager

Jack Bierman
Client Relations Specialist

If you’re someone who doesn’t know an inline booth from an island booth, or if you’d rather spend 4 hours in Atlanta gridlock than read through your trade show service manual again (what IS “drayage,” anyway?!), call and ask for Jack.

Jack, aka “The Jack of All Trade Shows,” has been in the exhibit industry for more than 20 years. He learned the ropes working in outbound sales at another exhibiting firm, Laarhoven Design, then joined Displayit in 2010.

Over the past two-plus decades, Jack’s amassed a wealth of insider knowledge, which he uses for his clients’ benefit. His extensive trade show experience, easy-going nature, and desire to be a blessing make him the perfect counselor for clients - new and old.

My favorite part of my job is...“Consulting with clients. I especially enjoy providing peace of mind to first-time exhibitors who feel overwhelmed by everything.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Spending time with my family, playing tennis, or rooting for the Florida Gators.”

Little-known facts: Jack is a part-time spaghetti MasterChef and a founding member of The Backwall Boys.

Kevin Clement

Kevin Clement
Client Relations Associate

Kevin was first hired at Displayit as a member of our Artwork Formation team. He jumped right in from day one and has done a bit of everything, including printing, transferring, cutting, and laminating trade show graphics.

Now part of the Client Relations team - his niche is churches and non-profit organizations - Kevin’s production experience gives him plenty of insight during consultations. His thorough knowledge of display materials, artwork “safe zones,” and the fabrication process helps Kevin give his clients a clear idea of what to expect when they order.

Added bonus if you’re a client involved in ministry: Kevin previously worked as a communications coordinator and designed media for a large church. He knows first-hand the difference the right messaging makes in everything from Sunday bulletins to capital campaigns.

My favorite part of my job is...“Helping my clients bring their ideas to life on their displays.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Spending time with my family or volunteering in my church’s youth ministry.”

Little-known fact: Kevin is a former athlete, whose sports included football, baseball, track, and street hockey; he also has a degree in sports medicine.

Ben Forlaw

Ben Forlaw
Client Relations Specialist

Ben joined Team Displayit in 2008. He’s at work every day with a big smile on his face, ready to help his clients figure out which one of our displays will help them best market their businesses and accomplish their trade show goals. (Sidenote: Ben’s specialty is fabric displays, and he’s on a mission to tell the world about his favorite, Elements Kit D.)

Ben’s clients routinely rave about his good-natured attitude and his willingness to do whatever he can to ensure that they’re happy and have everything they need for their upcoming events.

An ardent Tampa Bay Bucs fan, Ben is the team captain of Monday morning water cooler talk during NFL season. He’s also our resident expert on movie lines; check out some of his impressions on the Displayit Show.

My favorite part of my job is...“My co-workers. I really enjoy working with the team here, and it seems to get better and better. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Reading, volunteering at my church, or playing with my kids.”

Little-known fact: Ben has a black belt in taekwondo, so stay on his good side!

Bryce Manson

Bryce Manson
Client Relations Specialist

Bryce signed on with Displayit in 2012, after graduating from UGA with a degree in history. Originally enlisted to help with shipping and project management in our brand-new (at the time) production facility, Bryce caught on quickly, then eventually worked his way over to the Client Relations team.

Bryce’s number-one priority is getting his clients the information that they need as quickly as possible, and he strives to provide great service to everyone, whether the project involves a simple table runner or a complicated island booth. Bryce is also a valuable resource during consultations, relying on his previous production experience to help customers with everything from order timelines to artwork advice.

When he’s not thriving on the challenges presented by a custom display, you can find Bryce on the golf course, perfecting his game.

My favorite part of my job is...“The sense of pride and fulfillment I feel when we land a big job, and the client’s happy with the outcome.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Following college football or out playing golf.”

Little-known fact: Bryce is a huge fan of the Food Network, and he loves to cook.

Laura Martin

Laura Martin
Client Relations Associate

The inaugural member of Displayit’s Delivery team, Laura came on board in 2011. During her time in shipping and receiving, Laura was responsible for making sure everything got to the right place at the right time, and she learned how much details matter - to clients AND her Displayit teammates.

Fast-forward to the present, and you’ll find that Laura’s experience on the Delivery team has influenced her work in Client Relations. Her ability to set clear expectations mean that her customers are never left wondering what’s going on with their orders, and her clients frequently say that Laura’s one-on-one approach makes them feel like they’re her only customer.

My favorite part of my job is...“Blowing away my clients’ expectations.” (Displayit core value #6 - will you be one of her next happy clients?)

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “In Florida visiting my extended family.”

Little-known fact: Laura’s birthday is also National Vanilla Ice Cream Day. (“Could I please have mint chocolate chip ice cream instead?” - Laura)

Radu Rodila

Radu Rodilla
Client Relations Associate

Vorbiți românește? ¿Hablas sólo español? No sweat! Radu, our trilingual wunderkind, is here to help. Radu arrived at Displayit in 2015, after earning finance and Spanish degrees from Berry College and a stint with a third-party lending agency. He was a quick study and wasted no time getting the hang of things, receiving high marks from his clients for his helpful, “can-do” attitude along the way.

Whether your needs involve deciding between two types of banner stands, getting your order delivered in a tight time frame, or answering “How the heck do I put this thing together?!”, Radu is eager to meet your needs to the best of his ability. The fact that he can do it in three languages is just the icing on the cake!

My favorite part of my job is...“That no day is the same. Each project is like a puzzle and comes with its own set of challenges. I like putting all of the pieces together and solving the puzzle.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Reading, dancing, playing soccer, or hiking.”

Little-known fact: Radu is a former ballroom dance instructor, and his favorite style of dance is the Waltz.

Michael Rector

Michael Rector
Client Relations Specialist

Displayit’s first “non-Axelberd” employee, Michael’s been with us since 2005. As the very first member of our Client Relations team, his caring, service-oriented approach allowed him to build strong relationships with his clients, many of which he still enjoys today.

From the moment you begin working with Michael, you’ll appreciate the sense of ownership he has for every single one of his projects. His number-one goal is helping his clients achieve their dreams of the best booth possible, so they can stand out at their events and focus on spreading the word about their organizations. For clients particularly interested in upping the “WOW!” factor in their booth spaces, Michael’s our go-to guy for truss exhibits and custom projects.

My favorite part of my job is...“Working with everyone - new clients, returning clients, and my teammates.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Playing guitar, serving in ministry, and spending time with my family.”

Little-known fact: Michael was a licensed electrician and once owned a contracting business.

Meet Michael Rector
Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith
Client Relations Associate

Schools and universities, take note: Bryan’s in your corner. A former admissions recruiter, he has tons of personal experience with all of the college fair standards - from table covers and literature racks to banner stands and table top displays.

Bryan has pretty much seen it all in his time on the exhibiting front lines; he knows what works (keeping it simple) and what doesn’t (cramming EVERYTHING about your organization onto your display). All of the knowledge Bryan’s gained from recruiting events allows him to help his clients choose the right items, then point them in the right direction with their messaging.

When Bryan’s not busy making the impossible look easy, you can find him behind the camera, directing Displayit parody videos, or in front of the camera on the Displayit Show.

My favorite part of my job is...“The feeling you have when a really challenging order is completed, mainly because you’ve taken a tough situation and overcome it, and you’ve helped someone along the way.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Reading about new ideas and new perspectives, listening to podcasts, or savoring a good craft beer.”

Little-known fact: Bryan is one of the rare people who actually enjoy public speaking.

Cindy Stephenson

Cindy Stephenson
Client Relations Associate

First-time exhibitor and looking for an experienced guide to help you out? Your search ends here. A 30-year industry veteran and former trade show manager herself, Cindy knows your struggles first-hand.

Cindy began her career in 1984 and, after a couple years on the exhibitor’s side of things, switched over to the wholesale side of the business in 1986. She has worked for several exhibiting firms, including Radius Display Products and Laarhoven Design, and she’s been mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Cindy’s passion is helping people avoid all-too-common rookie mistakes (hint: Read your paperwork, and DON’T wait until the last minute to order show services!!!). Her clients especially appreciate her sense of humor and love of a good one-liner.

My favorite part of my job is...“My customers and co-workers. I have decades-long relationships with colleagues and clients alike.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Watching Law & Order or NCIS or tending to my cats.”

Little-known fact: Cindy is remarkably skilled in the lost art of memorizing people’s phone numbers.

    Meet the Artwork Assurance Team

    These folks wouldn’t dream of splitting over creative differences! Meet the team who ensures that all of your trade show art is in top form before it goes to print.

    Meet the members

Teresa Franklin-Kern

Teresa Franklin-Kern
Creative Director

Creativity is in Teresa’s blood... after all, she IS the daughter of an art teacher (thanks, Mom!). After growing up spending summers at art camps and museums, she found her calling at Ohio State University, where she refined her artistic eye and earned a degree in visual communication design.

Teresa’s talent is her ability to take her clients’ visions - whether on paper on in someone’s head - and bring them to life. Her customers often comment that her patient, focused approach to her work helps them feel at ease during the design process.

In addition to helping clients with all things art-related, Teresa oversees our design team, and she serves as a liaison between the Artwork Assurance and Client Relations teams when design-related issues arise.

My favorite part of my job is...“Doing design work and the whole creative process that goes along with it.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Cooking. If I hadn’t gone to design school, I probably would’ve gone to culinary school. I also love reading literary fiction and memoirs.”

Little-known fact: Teresa can wipe the floor with all of us in a tongue twister match. “Sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep sick,” anyone?

Sean Finke

Sean Finke
Preflight Manager

A Florida State graduate with a degree in studio art, Sean brings loads of printing expertise to Displayit. He joined Displayit in 2012, as a member of our Artwork Formation team. While working in production, Sean ran our printers and heat presses, and he cut and finished UV and vinyl graphics for clients’ displays.

Sean currently oversees the Artwork Assurance team (the people who make sure that everything’s A-OK with our customers’ digital art before it’s printed). When it comes to color matching, Sean reigns supreme; one of his favorite challenges is matching our clients’ finished products to their expectations. His other favorite challenge is defending his beloved FSU football team when they lose to Miami for kicking wide right... again.

My favorite part of my job is...“The constant variety. People never build their art files the same way.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Hanging out with my family, watching or playing volleyball, or catching a movie.”

Little-known fact: Sean’s favorite holiday is Halloween, and he always slays the competition at our annual costume contest.

Chirs Corbett

Chris Corbett
Preflight Specialist

Chris, a 2015 addition to the Artwork Assurance team, is a graphics supersleuth, inspecting clients’ files for proper layout and image resolution, correct color format, and errors before projects are handed off to our production team.

Prior to joining Displayit, Chris ran his own company, CGI in Motion, which specialized in small-format graphics. His work included logo and website design, as well as helping customers with their company branding strategies.

Chris has transitioned easily into the world of large-format graphics. His clients appreciate his keen eye and his commitment to making sure that their displays meet their expectations. His Displayit co-workers also admire these qualities, and everyone agrees that they make up for the Funko POP! figures that are slowly taking over his corner of the office.

My favorite part of my job is...“Hanging out with the rest of the team, especially my office roomies [Corinne and Neil].”

When I’m not working, I’m probably...“Spending 90% of my time with my wife and daughters, 4% eating, 3% watching American Ninja Warrior, 2% sleeping, and 1% drawing.”

Little-known fact: Chris is a dynamite hula hooper.

Jared Lioi

Jared Lioi

An artist with a passion for his craft, Jared’s been part of our Artwork Assurance team since 2013. He spends his time learning his clients’ trade show goals, then tailoring his work to create “can’t-miss-it” designs that connect with their intended audiences.

Jared graduated from Robert Morris University with a bachelor’s in graphic design and practically has a PhD in design lingo (“Hey Jared, would you convert that file from RGB to CMYK, adjust the kerning, add bleed, and embed the images?”). Before joining Displayit, he worked for Printscape Imaging & Graphics, where he prepped customers’ files for printing, did design work, and eventually managed production for Printscape’s color department.

Jared was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Like a true Steel City native, he’s a die-hard fan of Penguins hockey and Steelers football.

My favorite part of my job is...“My colleagues and the positive work environment.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Playing with my son, backpacking, climbing, or woodworking.”

Little-known fact: Jared is a skilled ice climber; he’s scaled everything from cliffs to frozen waterfalls.

Corinne Nicholson

Corinne Nicholson
Preflight Specialist

A UGA alumna with a journalism background, Corinne joined Displayit after 16 years with the Gwinnett Daily Post. She was heavily involved in pre-press (industry-speak for everything that happens between the paper’s initial print layout and its final printing) for the Post, and she grew to love the design aspect of her job. Corinne’s skills in proofing and page design have made her a perfect fit for the Artwork Assurance team.

Corinne’s responsible for checking clients’ art for correct sizing and proper print quality. Her organized and meticulous approach to her work helps her catch any errors before the graphics go to press, resulting in many happy clients when her jobs are finished!

My favorite part of my job is...“Getting to work with all kinds of clients. I love hearing their feedback when they’re pleased with their displays!”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Catching a movie, reading a book, or at the park.”

Little-known fact: Corinne is a HUGE trivia buff, and she’s crazy good at Name That Tune.

Nikki Puckett

Nikki Puckett
Preflight Specialist

Nikki came to work with us in 2016, after a 17-year stint at the Gwinnett Daily Post (7 years as a staff photographer, 10 years as a graphics editor). During her tenure at the paper, she quickly developed an eye for detail, and she took advantage of every opportunity to sharpen her technical skills.

Now a vital part of the Displayit crew, Nikki helps prepare clients’ artwork for printing, reviewing files for proper resolution and appropriate formatting before our production team takes over. Dedicated to getting things right the first time, Nikki relies on her extensive experience with digital art (and tight deadlines!) to produce the best possible outcomes for her clients.

My favorite part of my job is...“The variety of artwork from a variety of industries.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Doing things with my kids or going to concerts.” (Jason Isbell and The Avett Brothers are among her favorite artists.)

Little-known fact: Nikki is an avid tennis player.

Neil Swain

Neil Swain
Preflight Specialist

A self-proclaimed “computer nerd” whose obsession with technology and commercial art dates back to high school, Neil inspects incoming artwork for correct dimensions and optimum print quality.

Neil got his start designing flyers and course catalogs for Georgia State’s Department of Continuing Education. He briefly dipped his toes into large-format printing, then moved on to freelance animation work. Alas, the lure of large-format graphics proved irresistible, as Neil returned to work in the field - this time with Laarhoven Design.

While there, Neil gained substantial trade show design and production experience, developing a good eye for color and doing everything short of sewing graphics. Once he began working for Displayit, the time spent in production proved to be quite valuable: Neil takes extra care of his jobs on the front end, knowing where potential artwork problems lie on the back end.

My favorite part of my job is...“Making clients’ files nice, neat, and tidy before they go to production.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “3D modeling, going to the movies, or doing home improvement projects.”

Little-known fact: Part “Dog Whisperer” and part “Mr. Clean,” Neil’s really good at training dogs and can “clean the heck out of a house.” (We think the two skills may be related...)

Derek Zapf

Derek Zapf

If creating an eye-catching design for your display ranks high on your “Things That Stress Me Out” list, let an experienced designer like Derek lift that burden!

Derek has spent his entire career in the trade show industry, previously working for exhibit houses Czarnowski and e4 Design. He knows all facets of the business; he started out building displays and helping with client booth setups, moved on to working with raster image processing (RIP) software and large-format printers, then finally fell into graphic design.

Derek respects people’s widely varying tastes, and he approaches each design consultation with an attentive ear. He learns what matters to his clients, draws upon his experience to help people understand what will work for their projects, then ties it all together to produce designs that delight his customers.

My favorite part of my job is...“Making something nice for somebody. It’s great when clients are really happy with your designs, and they want to work with you again.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Fixing things around the house or going for a ride on my motorcycle.”

Little-known fact: Derek’s a barbecue pitmaster, whose only rules are: 1) make it from scratch, and 2) make it delicious.

    Meet the Artwork Formation Team

    Artwork Formation Team Having Fun

    These behind-the-scenes players work their magic throughout the production process, making sure that your display will look as great in “real life” as it does in your head!

    Meet the members

Jamie Almond

Jamie Almond
Production Area Manager

Jamie is our production team’s point person, serving as the primary link between Displayit’s Client Relations, Artwork Formation, and Fabrication teams. He keeps production running smoothly, and he ensures that everything we produce meets our quality standards. Jamie brings a lot to the table, with a strong art background - he has a degree in graphic design from Armstrong University - and great people skills.

Jamie started at Displayit in 2012 as a member of our Delivery team, then moved over to Artwork Formation, where he ran the CNC router (a tool we use for cutting certain graphics, like Sintra board) and worked in the print room. He’s worn many hats during his time here, and Jamie exemplifies Displayit core value #9, continually embracing new technology and new ideas.

My favorite part of my job is...“Seeing our clients’ finished products out in the real world, like the display [we did for Melni Connectors] that wound up on Shark Tank.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Fishing.” Saltwater fishing is Jamie’s favorite; he once caught a 150-pound cobia!

Little-known fact: Jamie also runs a DJ/karaoke business, Almost Famous Karaoke, with his father.

Chaz Trammel

Chaz Trammel
Product Assistant

My favorite part of my job is...“Learning the specifics of product development and their impact on business operations.”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Working on a creative project of some sort - animation, video games, graphic design.”

Little-known fact: Chaz has an intense interest in history, particularly ancient Rome, Feudal Japan, and the Renaissance period.



Joe Candelaria
Production Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Staying busy.”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Playing guitar and watching Netflix.”

Little-known fact: Joe is a multi-talented renaissance man who has performed many jobs. House painting. Auto mechanics. Riverboat tanker man. Car painting and body repair. Sign shop. Slaughter house. A meaty resume!


Hannah Parets
Production Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“The people I’ve met and gotten to know, learning something new each day, and going home knowing that I’ve accomplished something!”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Playing guitar, writing music, thrifting, playing with my dogs, going to concerts, or catching up on my TV shows. ”

Little-known fact: Hannah’s family has gone to Callaway Gardens every summer for the past 56 years.


Robert Orchard

Robert Orchard
Production Print Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Interacting with my coworkers.”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Drawing, working out, or reading.”

Little-known fact: Robert is obsessed with politics.

    Meet the Artwork Completion Team

    Artwork Completion Team Having Fun

    It’s all in the details for The Magnificent Seven! These ladies make certain that our production team has created exactly what you want before your order hits the door.

    Meet the members

Linda Glattli

Linda Glattli
Sewing Supervisor

My favorite part of my job is...“Cutting and supervising my team.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Swimming, fishing, or spending time with my grandkids.”

Little-known fact: Linda has a huge soft spot for animals and marine life; she once wanted to be a marine biologist.

Marina Baker

Marina Baker
Sewing Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Sewing.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Traveling, shopping, and enjoying time with my friends.”

Little-known fact: Marina enjoys sampling exotic foods and drinks.

Olga Garcia

Olga Garcia-Leon
Sewing Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Working on hanging signs and cubic towers, cutting and sewing, sewing, sewing!”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Cleaning house or shopping.”

Little-known fact: Olga has 3 children.

Maryjane Heggenberger

Maryjane Heggenberger
Production Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Seeing graphics completed and looking awesome!”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “With my grandkids, fishing, hanging out with friends, or chilling at the house.”

Little-known fact: Maryjane used to sing in a church choir, and she once worked in construction.

Loan Mai

Loan Mai
Sewing Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Working on Quick-Up displays.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Working out or doing yard work.”

Little-known fact: Loan loves shopping and listening to music.

Maggie Mariscal

Maggie Mariscal
Sewing Team Lead

My favorite part of my job is...“Cutting, sewing, working on custom jobs, and helping my co-workers.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Cleaning my house or shopping.”

Little-known fact: Although she goes by “Maggie” at work, Maggie’s real name is Maria Magdalena.

My Hanh Nguyen

My Hanh Nguyen
Sewing Technician

My favorite part of my job is... “Sewing Brandcusis”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Cooking and cleaning the house.”

Little-known fact: My Hanh loves all genres of music.

    Meet the Fabrication Team

    Fabrication Team Having Fun

    These talented craftsmen figure out how all the parts and pieces fit together, working with a variety of media to create displays that will “wow” your target audience.

    Meet the members

Jeremy Pham

Jeremy Pham
Production Fabrication Lead

My favorite part of my job is...“Getting to be creative - and using those skills outside of work, too.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Catching up on TV shows, building things for my house, or playing with my dogs.”

Little-known fact: Jeremy won a short story contest in 4th grade.


    Meet the Delivery Team

    Delivery Team Having Fun

    Once everything’s given the green light to ship, these guys make sure that your display gets to you when - and where - you need it.

    Meet the members

Doug Peters

Doug Peters
Production Area Manager

My favorite part of my job is...“Learning about the different aspects of the tradeshow display business.”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Watching sports or CNBC.”

Little-known fact: Doug played basketball in high school and scored over 1,000 points during his career, ranking him in the top 10 all time in the school’s history.

Brandon Barbrow

Brandon Barbrow
Production Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Working with a positive and supportive team that interacts well and helps achieve team goals.”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Enjoying the outdoors, at somewhere with live music, or at a race.”

Little-known fact: Brandon is into heavy metal and hard rock.

Austin Steed

Austin Steed
Production Technician

My favorite part of my job is...“Being able to learn new things and seeing all of the products we send out.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Spending time with my family, car club, or working on my cars.”

Little-known fact: Austin likes to go to tattoo and horror conventions. He also enjoys setting up fish aquariums.

    Meet the Marketing Advantage Team

    Marketing-Advantage Team Having Fun

    Meet the folks who spend most of their time figuring out how we can help you with what you need for your next trade show or marketing event.

    Meet the members

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson
Chief Marketing and Product Officer

In 2014, Displayit brought Paul on board as the head of our Marketing Advantage team. He’s responsible for determining clients’ needs, ensuring we have the right products and services to satisfy those needs, and making it easy for our customers to decide what to buy.

After working in numerous sales roles - from account manager to vice president of sales and marketing - Paul discovered that true sales success is achieved with a healthy marriage of effective product management and smart marketing. Thus, he began his unending pursuit of the “question behind the question,” developing a knack for hearing what others aren’t saying, connecting the dots, and helping people make decisions that solve their problems.

Like Magnum, P.I., Paul’s never met a Hawaiian shirt he didn’t like. On any given day, there’s a 76% chance you’ll see him sporting one around the office.

My favorite part of my job is...“Finding ways to challenge my teammates and watch them grow.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Playing guitar, bicycling, or learning something new.”

Little-known fact: Paul has a degree in electrical engineering. And he once rebuilt a manual transmission all by himself (with only 4 parts left over!).

Chris Buff

Chris Buff
Sales Development Manager

Got a complicated project on deck? You’ll want Chris as your co-pilot!

A 2014 addition to Team Displayit, Chris splits his time between the Client Relations and Marketing Advantage teams, helping clients with large-scale, complex projects, as well as identifying new sales channels and growth opportunities for Displayit.

Like Sherlock Holmes, Chris is adept at asking his clients the right questions in order to provide them with the right solutions. (UNlike Sherlock Holmes, Chris doesn’t play the violin or reside at 221B Baker Street, as far as we know.)

During his 30-year career in sales, Chris has developed a deep understanding for the tools he works with and how to use them to his clients’ advantages. And the proof is in the pudding: Chris’s problem-solving skills have earned him repeat business from many satisfied customers.

My favorite part of my job is...“Coming up with creative solutions for clients within their budget constraints.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Taking pictures.” P.S. You can find Chris’s work at

Little-known fact: Chris has his pilot’s license, and he’s even ridden with the Blue Angels (no, they didn’t let him fly the plane).

Steve Hicks

Steve Hicks
Exhibit Engineering Manager

Displayit’s version of a LEGO Master Builder, Steve helps us take concepts for new exhibits and turn them into reality. An integral part of our Product Development team since 2014, he also seeks out products and suppliers that enable us to offer our clients high-quality items at great values.

Steve’s been part of the trade show industry since 1989, cutting his teeth at exhibit house Dimensional Design and global event marketing company Pico before starting his own custom display company, ESP, in 2004.

With decades spent honing his problem-solving skills and flexing his creative muscle, it’s little wonder that it’s easy for Steve to create displays from scratch. Always eager to tailor our exhibits to a client’s wishes, he’s rarely seen without some sort of blueprint, rendering, or sketch before him.

My favorite part of my job is...“Seeing the end results and happy customers. There’s nothing better than having a client say, ‘I love it! It’s just what I wanted!’”

When I’m not working, I’m probably...“Working on my farm - feeding animals, gardening, or mending fences... it’s my quiet time, even though I’m surrounded by noisy animals. Steve’s flock includes 17 hens, 12 alpacas, 9 goats, 2 dogs, 1 kitten... and a rooster in a crapemyrtle. He’s saving up for that partridge and pear tree.”

Little-known fact: Steve is a former U.S. Army paratrooper; he’s been on both airborne and air assault deployments.

Bev Manson

Bev Manson
Brand Manager

In 2012, Displayit was blessed to welcome Bev to our team. A former director of hospitality for a large, fast-growing church, she has parlayed her ministry background into corporate success. Bev handles marketing for our Displayit at Church division, doing everything from market research and analysis to social media and post-sale follow-up.

Bev hails from New Orleans and, unlike those of us who haven’t “beignet,” can actually pronounce and spell words like Tchoupitoulas. She’s particularly fond of one word - lagniappe - which means “a little something extra.” It’s a great word to describe her approach to work (and life in general); she finds tremendous joy doing that little something extra, whether for clients or her teammates, to make people smile.

She also loves a good pun and thinks that getting paid to sleep would be a DREAM job.

My favorite part of my job is...“Connecting ministries who need quality displays with a company that can make it happen for them.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Spending time with my family and friends. Another hobby of mine is discovering new ways to save money, then teaching others what I’ve learned.”

Little-known fact: During Bev’s senior year as an advertising major at LSU, she was voted “Outstanding Advertising Student” and won a financial scholarship.

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons
Product Development Manager

When we need something new to shake things up, we turn to Scott. Our in-house Edison brainstorms new products, then tweaks the designs until they fit our clients’ needs. Once the technical and logistical aspects are straightened out, Scott and his team bring the products to market.

Our product savant earned a degree in digital media from UGA, where one of his professors actually predicted that he’d be successful in the trade show world. Scott graduated in 2005, and, as predicted, he’s been in the industry ever since.

Scott began his career at exhibit house Laarhoven Design, where he dabbled in project management and graphics prep. Later on, he became more involved in production, learning how to print, cut, and transfer trade show graphics. Scott joined Displayit in 2007 as a graphic designer, slowly transitioned over to our product development team, and, well... you know where he wound up.

My favorite part of my job is...“Solving problems and thinking on my feet.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably...“Outdoors with my wife and kids.”

Little-known fact: Scott is an Eagle Scout and was also a member of Order of the Arrow during his time in Scouting.

Callie Spencer

Callie Spencer
Marketing Assistant

If the phone’s your preferred way of communicating with us, chances are that the sweet voice who answers belongs to Callie. Known for her kind smile and friendly personality, Callie’s often the first point of contact for many of our clients and vendors, and she goes all out to provide everyone with helpful, compassionate service.

When she’s not answering phones, Callie works closely with our Marketing Advantage team, compiling sales reports, sending correspondence, and helping with marketing campaigns. She’s also an expert at copy machine troubleshooting and has an uncanny knack for remembering the office stapler’s whereabouts (usually Jack or Michael’s desk).

No matter the challenge, Callie’s always up for the task, happy to use her skills (or an adorable puppy photo) to make her teammates’ lives a little easier.

My favorite part of my job is...“Helping others, whether it’s a client or a co-worker.”

When I’m not working, I’m probably... “Running, doing yoga, taking care of things around my house, or enjoying the company of friends and family.”

Little-known fact: Callie has known how to whistle like this since she was a child.

Kimberly Simmons

Kimberly Simmons
Marketing Technologist

My favorite part of my job is...“Working with people who care about each other and the Clients we serve. Whenever I hear tales of other people’s work environments, I say a little prayer of thanks!”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Going on an adventure with my family.”

Little-known fact: Kimberly used to do competitive clogging, and as part of a team that won a national championship in Open Line (now called Moving Line).

Jonathan Noa

Jonathan Noa
Product Assistant

My favorite part of my job is...“The satisfaction of getting products on our web store so they can finally get in the hands of our clients.”

When I’m not working,I’m probably... “Spending time with family or working on my digital pinball machine.”

Little-known fact: Jonathan used to play accordion in a folk band while in high school.

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