LED Backlit Displays - An Irresistible Glow

Lit from within. An irresistible glow. It just draws you in, like moths to a flame. It's not much different with backlighted exhibits, except trade show attendees don't have wings or fuzzy antennae.

Displayit offers two different backlit fabric display systems for when it's your time to shine. Both of them use cool LED lighting, our rich fabric Hi-Dye silicone-edged graphics (SEG), and they set up tool-free. Now, the differences.


Watch the Flare Video
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Flare delivers the premium look everyone wants. These exhibits feature rigid aluminum walls around the 4 sides of the frame for a sturdy LED backlit display that's only 6" deep. Despite its thin profile, you can still have a double-sided backlit exhibit so your message is visible from 360°. Whether single or double-sided, the frame is totally enclosed so there is minimal light leakage. Flare exhibits come with rolling cases for easy packing, transport and storage.

Backlit Graffiti

Watch the graffiti-backlit Video
Download the graffiti-backlit PDF

These fabric exhibits with backlighting belong to our Graffiti family of event backwalls, and use the same expanding aluminum framing system. These walls are extra-thick at 16" of depth, yet still lightweight. We custom print your single-sided graphics for the front, and provide you with light-blocking fabric panels to cover the back and sides. For budget-sensitive shoppers and stationary installations (i.e. your office lobby), we ship these displays in canvas bags. Several shipping case options are available to enable safe transport to your trade shows.

When you want to stand out from the crowd, it's time for Flare and Graffiti with LED backlights. Different. Brighter. Smarter.

Call our Displayologists at 800-207-0311 to find out how a backlit fabric display could help you garner all the attention at the show.

Browse ALL our LED backlit options below. Or, view just Flare, or just Graffiti.


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