Tension Fabric Stand Up Banners

Why Choose Fabric?

Even if you’ve only ever spent five minutes on a trade show floor, chances are you’ve seen roughly a jillion and a half vinyl banner stands. While these are a classic choice that look great by themselves, fabric banner stands excel when used alongside large fabric trade show displays. This is because the same graphic material is used for both display and stand up banner, giving a consistent look between the two structures. Plus, using fabric for both displays means your logo’s colors will match perfectly, so you can be confident your brand is properly represented to the rest of the world!

Decisions, Decisions…

With all the fabric banner stand products on the market today, figuring out which one is the right choice can be tough. To help you find the one that will best fit your needs, we’ve listed out the highlights of each product below:

Renew (All About That Base):

  • Pros: High-quality base; Substantial look
  • Cons: Heavy; Limited packing options
  • Best For: Permanent installs; When looks outweigh portability

Renew UL (Keep It Light):

  • Pros: Lightweight, Multiple frame options
  • Cons: Limited shape options
  • Best For: Portable applications; Accent panels in large exhibits

Renew XL (Big Beautiful Banners):

  • Pros: Wider frame; Multiple shape options
  • Cons: Limited width options
  • Best For: Large booths; Permanent installs

Mobi (3D Glasses Not Required):

  • Pros: Unique shape; Interesting Look
  • Cons: Limited text area
  • Best For: Accent panels; Artistic applications

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