Custom Series A-La-Carte Counter 04

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Custom Series A-La-Carte Counter 04
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The Rundown

Customize Your Booth Space

If you want the flexibility to design your own exhibit layout, then this counter is a great starting point! Our exhibit designers have created a collection of free-standing displays, counters, and kiosks for you to create a one-of-a-kind booth space.

Designing your own booth is kind of like ordering from the value menu at your favorite fast-food restaurant. Just pick the a-la-carte items that you want in your exhibit and forget about everything you don't need. Because you've personally crafted the design with your unique marketing goals in mind, the result will be an exhibit that's complete (but not cluttered)!

Know what you're looking for, but can't seem to find it? Feel free to call or shoot us an email and we'll help you find what you're looking for!

About This Counter

Make a great first impression when attendees step into your exhibit! By placing several 3'w x 3'd counters at the entry points of your booth, you can be confident that visitors are promptly greeted and led down your sales funnel. Because this counter has locking storage, you'll be able to hide your purses, pamphlets, and giveaways, keeping your counter top nice and clean.

Assemble it Yourself

Believe it or not, this custom counter can be easily put together by two of your team members on the show floor! Your entire structure will arrive in a wooden crate, along with your other a-la-carte components. Because the frame panels come pre-assembled, all you'll have to do is connect them together using a handful of fasteners with big, meaty knobs that are hard to lose. After you mount your graphics to the frame, the result will be a clean, simple workstation.

A Little More Info.

  • Availability: Ships in 20 business days from art approval.
  • Dimensions: 40.5"w x 39"h x 40.5"d
  • Includes:
    Aluminum C39 counter hardware with locking storage
    (1) Set of custom-printed graphics
  • Add-On Options:
    Meeting Rooms
  • Shipping Dimensions:
    A-La-Carte items are designed to be shipped together.
    We will estimate shipping container requirements/cost based on the total order.
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Custom Series A-La-Carte Counter 04
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