Custom Tension Fabric Displays

It’s hard to think of many things worse than being just another booth in a sea of the same old exhibits. But how to stand out? You need a display system that feeds your dreams, that gives you the building blocks for your next great exhibit idea -- without breaking the bank. Elements fabric display stands make all that possible.

What's Special About Tension Fabric Displays?

Tension fabric is used in display stands when low operating costs, easy assembly, and portability are desired. First, large-scale graphics are printed onto a stretchy fabric that is much like Spandex. Next, the fabric is sewn up like a pillowcase and pulled over the top of a rigid aluminum frame. Tension is created by sewing the graphic slightly smaller than the frame. This tension causes the fabric to lay flat and pull out any wrinkles, often creating the illusion of a hard surface.

Elements = Options

Elements tension fabric displays offer near-endless combinations of component options with few restrictions.

  • Versatile: Interlocking aluminum poles create self-supporting fabric display stands. Individual panel widths from 3 feet 4 inches to over 18 feet; panel heights up to 8 feet.
  • Expressive: Words and images aren't enough; you want color, shapes and geometry to create a unique fabric display stand that communicates with personality. With Elements, you can even print double-sided panels, so you can have a fresh message on Day 2.
  • Practical: Setting up your tension fabric display will always be quick and easy, thanks to tool-free assembly. The fabric and aluminum frame components are lightweight and compact for easy shipping and storage.

When you use Elements from Displayit, your "crazy" exhibit idea suddenly makes good business sense.

Note: If you're looking for a simple, single-panel tension fabric display, visit our Helium collection.