Booth Designs Seen Elsewhere

We Do What's Right

Perhaps you've found an exhibit booth design that you'd like to use at your next event, and you can't find anything like it on our website. You'd like to show us what you've found so we can make it for you, because you want your tradeshow display to look beautiful.

We want your display to look beautiful, too.

We also want to respect the property rights (copyrights) of creative booth designers.

To make sure both happen, we may question you about the source of a creative design when it exceeds what we typically see in the public domain (these works are not restricted by copyright). We get curious when we see distinctive design features that significantly improve looks or functionality. If someone created a unique and inspiring booth design for you, don't ask us to build it and sell it to you. That's morally, ethically and legally wrong. If you find a unique design that's just perfect for you, we recommend you buy the resulting exhibit from whomever provided the design. (Displayit's Core Value #10: "We do what is right.")

If you're not sold on a specific design, we'd like to consult with you (at no charge) to understand your show objectives. Then it's likely we could offer you a design that would allow you to fulfill your event objectives without having to pirate someone else's important and valuable work.

Contact us to see what we can put together for you. We're betting you'll like it better than anything you've seen!

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