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Professional trade show booth design services are available from Displayit's booth designers to help you achieve the results you want at your next important exhibit. In addition, we can help you with compatibly-designed print materials and other media so all your show materials have a consistent look.

Here's how we can work with you:

Design Credits Display Valet
Show Pro Ideal Designs
Non-Display Design Logo Redraw
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Why use Displayit's Design Services?

Some folks are tempted to let their cousin’s roommate -- who designed a few posters for his friend's rock band -- design the graphics for their trade show display. Even an experienced graphics designer may not be familiar with the nuances involved in optimizing setup of exhibit graphics. Our booth designers understand where to best place relevant information to command attention, and how to keep imagery simple yet impactful for optimal trade show booth design. In short, we know how to best use the whole 3 seconds that attendees give you while they're deciding if they should stop or not.

Ideal Designs

Ideal Designs

You're not a designer, and you'd love to hire one to come up with a professional design for your new display. But... that sounds expensive. What if it wasn't?

Displayit created Ideal Designs to provide you with a simple path to a remarkable exhibit design for a low, fixed investment.

How low and fixed? Ideal Designs are just $169 each.

Get a Professional Design While Saving Time and Money

You appreciate beautiful things, but you're no good at creating "art" from scratch. It's easier to start with the work of a professional -- something that already looks good -- and then personalize it to make it closely fit what you have in mind.

Displayit's team of professional exhibit design experts has created a collection of designs especially made for you to make your own.

Ideal Designs are only available for 8', 10' and 20'-wide displays such as those in ExpressLine. Your Displayologist can guide you to displays that qualify for Ideal Designs, and connect you to our Ideal Designs Collection so you can browse your options.

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Design Credits

Design Credits

Design services are metered out using Design Credits (D-Credits). One D-Credit will get you one hour of design services.

Design hours consumed will be billed against your D-Credits balance in increments of 0.25 D-Credits.

Items we secure for your design projects, like stock photography or a special font, are additional, billed out at cost plus 25%.

Purchases of D-Credits are non-refundable, and may not be upgraded or traded-in. Unused D-Credits will be forfeited 5 years after their purchase or last usage, whichever comes last.

Purchasing Design Credits: D-Credits may be purchased in the following increments:

Purchase 3 Design Credits Purchase 3 Design Credits Purchase 5 Design Credits Purchase 10 Design Credits

We produce finished design files for our own use. If you want the original source files for your project, we'll deliver them to you in a standard format for 2 D-Credits.

If D-Credits are not purchased in advance of their consumption, they will be billed in increments of one at $135 each.

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Display Valet

Display Valet

You know what you want, you just need someone to do it for you.

Typically, you've got a mockup of how you want your display to look -- maybe in PowerPoint or Word -- that you can send us along with all the electronic files we'll need. That would include all images, your logo (in vector format), and the text you want us to include. Maybe there's a favorite web page or brochure that could provide creative direction. From those, your booth designer will create a "comp" (comprehensive layout) for your approval. If we have any suggestions to offer, we'll share those with you before we produce your comp, so that you can direct us to include them if you so choose. After your approval of the comp (or a second one, if changes are necessary), we'll have everything we need to produce your finished graphics.

Usually just 3 D-Credits, or less, for a 10' by 10' booth.

We produce finished design files for our own use. If you want the original source files for your project, we'll deliver them to you in a standard format for 2 D-Credits.

Contact our Displayologists to discuss your particular situation.

Show Pro

Show Pro

You'd like a professional exhibit designer to help you decide what should go on your graphics.

You have a logo and lots of ideas, but maybe you're not sure what to use at your event show for best effect with your trade show booth design. One of our lead designers will spend some time talking with you about your goals for your exhibition and what kind of message you'd like to deliver. Then we'll help you sort through your options and come up with an optimal concept for your exhibit. If you don't have the photos you need, we'll identify stock photography for the project and help you select the one(s) to use. From there, we'll come up with a "comp" (comprehensive layout) for you to approve. If needed, we can make revisions and produce a second comp.

Pretty clear on what you want? If we don't need to find stock images, clean up your logo and other files, and produce more than one comp, we can often get your graphics ready for a 10' by 10' booth for just 5 D-Credits.

We produce finished design files for our own use. If you want the original source files for your project, we'll deliver them to you in a standard format for 2 D-Credits.

Connect with a Designer (Artwork Department) to discuss your layout ideas.

Creative Review

Creative Review

Get a Second Opinion for a First-Rate Show.

For a small investment, our trade show design pros will review your graphics layout and let you know if there are any ways to make it better.

You send us the artwork you've designed. We'll look it over for design and layout effectiveness, then give you a comprehensive critique. You'll also get specific suggestions for improvement of any elements we believe are suboptimal.

The net: you get a professional second opinion that either confirms your creative direction or delivers ways to make it better.

Either way, you win.

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Logo Redraw

Logo Redraw

We will convert your existing logo into vector format for just $129. The logo file we'll produce for you can be infinitely enlarged without getting blurry or pixely (so it looks sharp on large exhibit graphics). You can order yours here.

We actually have to redraw your logo (assuming we can do it; some are too complicated to attempt) to match what you send us. If you don't like our redraw and don't want to use it, we'll refund your money.

If our Re-Draw is acceptable, we'll email you the finished vector format file for future use, so you don't have to buy this again.

Logo Re-Creation Comparison

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Beyond Displays (Non-Display Design)

Beyond Tradeshows - Non-Display Design

We also stand ready to prepare an estimate for a number of other non-display graphic needs.

We can assist you with creating things like: brochures, direct mailers, flyers, catalogs, logo refresh (redesign), stationery, web ads, posters, and many more...

We produce finished design files for our own use. If you want the original source files for your project, we'll deliver them to you in a standard format for 2 D-Credits.

Talk to a sales rep about the many options we offer to make your tradeshow a success!

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