How we Insource Production

How We Insource Production

Many of our competitors outsource production, often outside the U.S. We insource ("do it ourselves"), with all critical aspects of fabrication and fulfillment under one roof in Buford, Georgia, USA near Atlanta.

We found that our clients need "Perfect Speed" in order to get ready for their exhibition opportunities in a timely fashion. To fulfill that need, we knew we had to use automation to create an order-to-production process that would allow us to accomplish two things simultaneously. First, convert your product wishes into a finished product in the shortest time feasible -- the Speed part. Second, we have to get everything exactly right so that any anxiety you might have related to getting ready for your show is relieved every time -- the Perfect part.

Where possible, our production equipment is programmable to enable speed while minimizing mistakes. It also keeps production costs down. We have multiple types of printers for large-scale graphics, sewing equipment for tension fabric, CNC machines for precision cutting of display materials, and more. All of this is coordinated under the watchful eye of our custom-built production management software system. That means communication and production errors are virtually eliminated while still allowing flaming fast ship times for customized exhibits.

Our insourced production approach allows us to make and keep our promises to clients. And we can do it all with our heads held high, providing solid jobs to Americans and enabling us to live our mission to be a blessing to our clients and everyone we encounter.