OpEx Trade Show Rental Displays

Opt-Out of Ongoing Expenses

You’re ready to step up your trade show game by committing to an upscale trade show booth. But committing to purchasing a large exhibit structure might seem risky. When you decide to own a premium display, you have to be prepared to handle the high cost of purchasing, storing, and maintaining your structure. You also need to know that you’re committing to use the same structure for years or until you can afford to replace it. So it’s worth asking: would owning mean overcommitting?

OpEx rental displays deliver a premium exhibiting experience without the commitment of owning a complex trade show display. Each kit offers a massive bang for your buck without sacrificing the high-end look of custom trade show displays. Plus, when you decide to switch up your look, you can swap out your booth designhassle-free!

When your show is over, your expenses are over, too. You don’t have to figure out how you’re going to find space in your warehouse to store a massive crate. There’s no need to talk to your CFO about paying to maintain and insure something that may only be used a couple times a year. The rental display and graphics simply ships straight back to our storage facility, ready for your next exhibit!

We think you’ll find 2 aspects of OpEx unbelievable:
1. The number of options available.
2. How inexpensive an OpEx exhibit is compared to alternatives.

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