10' x 20' Displayit Select Performance Rental Display Closet - Kit 01

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10' x 20' Displayit Select Performance Rental Display Closet - Kit 01
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The Rundown

Start with Great

Performance Designs ensure a stellar public presentation at your next tradeshow.

The Confidence Cure

Let's say you're not sure what you want. Maybe you don't go to trade shows often. Maybe you find the myriad of exhibit options overwhelming. The probability of you picking a winning booth design seems as improbable as picking the Powerball numbers. Instead, you want this to be the clear, sensible, logical business decision it should be.

Performance Designs sidestep all the potholes, blind alleys, and dead ends, and take you right to the Winner's Circle.

How Performance Designs Get You to Great

  • Proven Popularity: Clients routinely choose these core designs on their own over other alternatives we offer.
  • Functional Range: Performance Designs are exceptionally versatile. Check out the Variations to discover the different function options we offer.
  • Favored Status: Our Clients love Performance Designs. We love making them. That's why we're encouraging you to choose a Performance Design by offering you such a ridiculously low price. Everybody wins.

About this Design:

The basis of this booth is the 6-foot wide storage closet attached directly to your backwall. This gives you plenty of space to hide your product samples and personal belongings, keeping the rest of your booth nice and tidy. You can even take a quick power nap in there (but don't worry, your secret is safe with us)! The front of the closet gives you a huge area to put your message out front, so you can be confident you'll be heard loud and clear.

Available Design Variations:

  • Keyboard & Screen (Variation 1): Seating with a monitor is perfect for intimate presentations.
  • Hooks & Hangers (Variation 2): Transform your booth into a mini-mart with a wall of slatwall.
  • Product Supports (Variation 3): LOTS of counter / shelf space lets you show off your product.
  • Bright Panel (Variation 4): Shine your marketing message in lights with a backlit wall.
  • Mega Screen (Variation 5): Deliver motion graphics across the 6-foot wide LED video wall.
  • Looping Video (Variation 6): Play a promo video for your product while showing it off on the shelves.
  • Meeting Space (Variation 7): Semi-private side walls with bar seating give space to meet with prospects.

Zero Assembly (For You)

Enjoy a pain-free turnkey exhibiting experience! When you rent this 10x20 trade show display, a professional installation and dismantling team will come to your show to set up and tear down your booth for you!*

*Overtime / weekend installs will incur additional costs.

A Little More Info.

  • Availability:
    - Booth rental is subject to availability.
    - Ships in 10 business days from art approval.**

    **Variation 5 ships in 30 business days from art approval.
  • Available Locations:
    - Rental inventory is stocked in Atlanta
    - This display is available to rent in most cities.***

    ***Variation 5 is only available in select cities.
    Contact us for more information.
  • Rental Information:
    Click Here to Download Product Guide
  • Display Size:
    Display is designed to fit in a 10' x 20' inline booth space.
  • Includes:

    All Variations Include:
    (1) Aluminum frame system with graphics
    (1) 78”w x 39”d storage closet
    (1) Professional installation and dismantling team

    Variation 01:
    (1) Greeting counter
    (1) Meeting table
    (4) Bar stools
    (1) Monitor

    Variation 02:
    (3) Reception counters
    (4) Slatwall panels
    (1) Brand carrier
    (1) Monitor
    (1) Bar table
    (4) Bar stools

    Variation 03:
    (1) Reception counter
    (1) Small product counter
    (4) Shelves

    Variation 04:
    (1) Reception counter
    (1) Backlit display panel
    (1) Monitor

    Variation 05:
    (1) LED video wall
    (1) Reception counter
    (1) Bar table
    (4) Bar stools

    Variation 06:
    (1) Reception counter
    (6) Shelves
    (1) Monitor

    Variation 07:
    (1) Reception counter
    (1) Bar table
    (4) Bar stools
    (2) Short sidewall panels
    (1) Monitor

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