Rental 10 x 10 Truss Display - Tahoe - Discontinued

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Rental 10 x 10 Truss Display - Tahoe
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The Rundown

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Rental 10' x 10' Tahoe Truss System. This truss system features clean, curved lines with shelves and counter space. Monitor mount is available.

This turn-key kit includes truss, full-color graphics, counter, shelves and halogen lights. Counter also includes a front graphic panel. Several fabric colors are available for graphics packages that include some non-printed panels (see Fabric Colors tab).

If your show is in one of the standard rental locations (see Specifications tab), we will deliver the display, set it up, and when your show is over, we will take it away. All you have to do is show up! If you have a show in another location, call us for pricing. Other accessories, including table and chairs, flooring and monitor mounts are available.

Prices may vary by location based on labor prices.

If you are able to provide us with a copy of your show manual, please do so. This will help us to best serve you.

*Drayage, material handling, electrical service, electrical labor, flooring and daily cleaning is not included. Consult your show information for pricing on these items.

A Little More Info.

  • Availability:
    - The time required to complete your project is at least 30 days prior to your show date. If within 30 days of your show date, a rush fee may be applied.
    - Booth rental is subject to availability
  • Available Locations:
    - Standard locations: Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Anaheim
    - Many other locations available. Call for pricing
  • Rental Information:
    Click to download basic rental information
  • Colors:
    Silver truss
  • Includes:
    - Truss, graphics, counter, shelves, lights, transport, set up and dismantling (in standard locations).
    - Price does not include monitor, monitor mount, drayage, material handling, electrical service, electrical labor, flooring or daily cleaning. Consult your show information for pricing on these items.
  • Add-On Options:
    Three graphics packages are available to choose from
  • Lighting:
    3 low-voltage halogen lights
  • Graphic Options:
    See Graphics Packages tab

Graphics Packages

Graphics Package A:

Includes printed header and counter graphic. Backwall panels are fabric (see Fabric Colors tab).

Graphic Sizes:

  • Header: 76.5"w x 11.5"h
  • Counter: 33"w x 37"h

Graphics Package B:

Includes printed header, counter graphic and left and right backwall graphics. Center backwall panel is fabric (see Fabric Colors tab).

Graphic Sizes:

  • Header: 76.5"w x 11.5"h
  • Counter: 33"w x 37"h
  • Left and right backwall graphics: 42"w x 81.5"h

Graphics Package C:

Includes printed header, counter graphic and three backwall graphics.

Graphic Sizes:

  • Header: 76.5"w x 11.5"h
  • Counter: 33"w x 37"h
  • Three backwall graphics: 42"w x 81.5"h

Fabric Colors

Non-Velcro Compatible Fabric Colors Available

Due to variation in monitor settings, the color shown on your screen may vary from the actual color of the fabric.

  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Black
  • Black
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Platnum
  • Platnum
  • PMS 429U
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Silver
  • Silver
  • PMS Cool Gray U
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color White
  • White
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Vanilla Cream
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Cashmere
  • Cashmere
  • PMS 481C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Victorian Gold
  • Victorian Gold
  • PMS 465C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Plateau Gold
  • Plateau Gold
  • PMS 464C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Brown
  • Brown
  • PMS 1545C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Burgundy
  • Burgundy
  • PMS 229C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Garnet
  • Garnet
  • PMS 188C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Valentine Red
  • Valentine Red
  • PMS 200C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Garden Fuschia
  • Garden Fuschia
  • PMS 233C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Papaya
  • Papaya
  • PMS 166U
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Ice Pink
  • Ice Pink
  • PMS 196C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin
  • PMS 159C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Canary Yellow
  • Canary Yellow
  • PMS 162C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Hunter Green
  • Hunter Green
  • PMS 3088C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Apple Green
  • Apple Green
  • PMS 375C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Kiwi
  • Kiwi
  • PMS 5777C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Citron
  • Citron
  • PMS 104C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Storm Navy
  • Storm Navy
  • PMS 2768C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Royal Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Reflex Blue C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Baja Turquoise
  • Baja Turquoise
  • PMS 2995C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Tiffany Blue
  • Tiffany Blue
  • PMS 324C
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Powder Blue
  • Powder Blue
  • PMS 2707U
  • Truss Unprinted Fabric Color Purple
  • Purple
  • PMS 2763C
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