Knockout 10' x 20' Rental Exhibit Backlit Wall with Shelves - Kit R02

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The Rundown

This item is only available to rent. If you would like to purchase this display, click here.

Knockout gives you a clean, focused look with plenty of room to showcase your important graphics and messaging. What they won't see is how little you spent to get it there. Knockout displays are designed to pack small and ship light, typically saving you over 60% on shipping and drayage fees compared to traditional and modular displays. Download our 2-page PDF brochure at right for details.

Highlights of This Design

If a tree falls in a forest and no one's around to hear it, does it even matter? No matter how cool your new product is, if you can't get attendees to show up to your booth and check it out, you'll be hard-pressed to find success at your next exhibit. Thankfully, this 10' x 20' trade show display's vibrant 8' backlit display places your message front-and-center. It's sure to be big and bad enough to get the attention you want.

Setup and Dismantling Comes With!

Displayit wants you to experience the joy and freedom of having someone else erect your booth before the show, then take it down and pack it up for you when it's over.

Need Your Display FAST?

When you’re looking to rent an exhibit in a hurry, the last thing you want is to get held up waiting for a graphic designer to finish creating custom artwork for your entire backwall. This kit includes a pre-designed artwork package, which will save up to TEN full business days of production time for your display compared to fully-custom graphics!

In three simple steps, you can have amazing artwork with minimal effort. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a Front Panel Graphic Texture: Pick a texture from the template file you would like to have displayed on your front-facing panels. These are the graphics that you see when you look at the booth dead-on. There are Brushed Aluminum, Black Carbon Fiber, and Gray Swirl textures to choose from.
  2. Choose a Side Panel Graphic Color: Next, you’ll want to pick out a color for all the side-facing accent panels. Choose from white, black, or any custom Pantone (PMS) color of your choice! You can also choose any two solid colors and pick which side panels you want each color to appear on.
  3. Create One Big Graphic: If you’re starting to worry about having a place to put your logo or marketing message, don’t! This kit lets you put your custom-printed artwork on one front-facing panel. This can literally be anything you (or your graphic designer) can think of!

We'll send you the artwork template after you place your order!

Don’t have a graphic designer? Check out our design services!

A Little More Info.

  • Product Video:
    Watch the Product Video
  • Availability:
    Booth rental is subject to availability.
    7 business days
  • Dimensions:
    Backwall: 228"w x 28"d x 92"h
    Optional Large Knockout Counter: 45"w x 26"d x 39.25"h
  • Includes:
    (1) Aluminum frame
    (9) Dye-sublimated fabric graphics
    (1) 8' Flare backlit display
    (3) Flat packing shipping cases with wheels
    (1) Large Knockout Counter
    with doors and 3 fabric graphics
    (8) Product placement shelves (32"w x 11"d)
    (4) Wall-flooding LED stemlights
    (1) Multi-tool for easy assembly
    (1) Professional installation and dismantling team
  • Downloads:

Video: Knockout

Knockout Overview Video: