$15,000 to $25,000 Island Display Rentals

20' x 20' and larger Island and peninsula displays designed to fit a budget of $15,000 to $24,999.

This design features an open floor layout without sacrificing space for your branding and messaging. A tower structure stands high above the exhibit hall, displaying your logo for all to see. Your marketing message or slogan is displayed on stylish curved banners that attract the eye with their unique shape. Attendees who stop by will be able to comfortably meet with you at one of the bar tables while you deliver your sales pitch.


This booth is designed to help you be attentive to every attendee who enters your booth! The curved reception counter is easily visible from both entry points, so visitors approaching will always be greeted by your team. Prospects who are interested in talking business can meet with a sales rep at one of the bar seating areas. If you have plans to meet with an important client, a conference room with comfy seating gives you some privacy


Enjoy a little privacy when meeting with your clientele while seated at one of the three bar tables. Frosted privacy screens help to block off outside distractions from the busy exhibit floor. A curved tower shows off your branding from afar while storing your team's belongings inside.


Don't let your marketing message go unnoticed! This design uses two backlit panels to help draw more attention to your booth space. Greeting counters on both entry points of the booth ensure visitors are always welcomed by one of your teammates. Semi-private meeting spaces in the booth let you comfortable sit with prospects. One meeting area even includes a monitor for slideshow or software presentations!


Flare Island Rentals shine across the exhibit hall with a beautifully arranged collection of backlit displays. The vibrant glow of your backwalls will cause eyes to naturally gravitate towards your message and drive more business to your booth than typical front-lit displays.


This booth draws in attendees from far and wide with a wide tower structure (which, by the way, doubles as a locking storage closet). When visitors arrive, they will be greeted with two software demo kiosks to give them a hands-on experience of what your product is all about. Once you have them on the hook, you can take your prospective client into the spacious conference room – complete with large monitor area &nd

Maximize the number of software workstations in your 20' x 20' booth space. Two dual software kiosks allow up to four people to test your product at once! Once they're sold on the experience, a conference room with a monitor gives you a private space to solidify your relationship with the client. By the way, the tower doubles as a storage closet for you to hide any suitcases, purses, or other belongings you bring to the show with you
Don't let your product go unnoticed! This design features two towers with slatwall panels for you to hang your lightweight merchandise from. When you start to run low on your giveaways, you'll be able to easily restock by pulling more items out of the locking storage closets. If visitors want more information on what you're selling, they'll be able to check your full catalog by using one of the four computer stations in the corner o
Perfect for software companies, this exhibit gives attendees the chance to interact with your latest software! Once greeted at the small welcome counter, visitors can get hands-on at one of the four computer stations. When you finally have their attention, you'll be able to move the conversation to a private conference room with seating where you'll easily be able to close the big sale!

Give visitors a big welcome behind two reception counters. As you answer questions you'll quickly be able to access visual aids, such as product samples or brochures, from the shelving racks directly behind you. Attendees visiting from the other side of the booth are greeted with two computer kiosks* for software demonstrations or to look through your digital catalogs.


Deliver a tactile experience to your prospects. With plenty of software workstations around the booth, visitors will be certain to have a chance to interact with your company firsthand. A rectangular structure in the center of your booth give you visibility while acting as a large storage closet or break room. The 15' square hanging sign make sure that you're seen across the entire exhibit hall.


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