Graffiti Island Rental Design R-F

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The Rundown

This item is only available to rent.

Go Big Without Spending Big

If you’ve ever considered stepping from an inline to an island booth, you probably quickly figured out that exhibiting in a large space can be insanely expensive. But having a big booth doesn’t need to devour your marketing budget.

Graffiti economy island displays are the best way to construct a jaw-dropping booth that will even make your finance team smile! This lightweight pop-up display system goes together tool-free and can be used to create everything from conference rooms to towers. You’ll have an impressive display that’s a fraction of the cost of owning an expensive custom island display.

Because you’re renting instead of buying, there’s no long-term commitment! You’ll never have to worry about paying to maintain or store your kit. Just rent the kit when you need it and spend the rest of your time thinking about… anything else!

This Design's Key Features:

  • Massive 10'w x 15' structure towers over booth space
  • (2) quality hard-panel counters give a great first impression
  • Overhead hanging sign grabs attention from a distance
  • Collapsible shipping crate stores inside tower

Stop Waiting for Your Crate After the Show!

  • Each kit ships in our unique collapsible crate.
  • Crate breaks down to just 12" tall and weighs only 62 lbs. when empty.
  • It's easily stored in exhibit closets and towers, eliminating the wait for your crate after the show! Start packing quicker.
  • Lightweight crate saves you on shipping and drayage fees.

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A Little More Info.

  • Availability:
    - Booth rental is subject to availability.
    - Ships in 15 business days from art approval.
  • Available Locations:
    - Rental inventory is stocked in Atlanta
    - This display is available to rent in most cities.
    Call for shipping pricing.
  • Display Size:
    Display is designed to fit in a 20' x 20' island booth space.
  • Includes:
    (8) 8' Graffiti frames with graphics
    (8) Corner graphics
    (2) Large Knockout Hard Panel Counters
    (1) 10'd x 4'h Circular hanging sign
  • Assembly Instructions:
    General Graffiti Assembly Instructions
  • Product Video:
    Watch the Product Video

See Graffiti in Action

Graffiti Overview Video

Graffiti Assembly Video

10' Flat Graffiti shown with double-sided graphics

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Graffiti Island Rental Design R-F
Your Price: $7,700.00