StreeTag Sidewalk Stickers & Decals

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The Rundown

This product requires a minimum order of $100.

StreeTags are temporary stickers designed to adhere to asphalt, sidewalks, concrete and other indoor or outdoor surfaces. StreeTags can also be used on vertical surfaces such as concrete columns. StreeTags are printed on a special material that easily adheres to most types of surfaces. The cleaner and smoother the surface, the better your graphic will adhere. StreeTags are priced per square foot.

To order, multiply the overall width (inches) by the overall length (inches) and then divide by 144 to get your square footage. Enter that value in the quantity above. Keep in mind that the graphic is not required to have straight edges, so let your imagination run wild!

Price is per square foot for printed graphic. Artwork design services are optional and not included.

Graphic File Setup Instructions:
Files should be at least 100 dpi at full size and in CMYK color mode. Click here to upload your artwork file(s).

A Little More Info.

  • Dimensions: 22" x 118" maximum print size
  • Availability: 7 to 10 business days

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