Custom-Printed Fabric Graphic (square foot)

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The Details

This product requires a minimum order of $100.

Our polyester-based fabrics are printed using a dye-sublimation process. Graphics are printed on paper, then transferred onto the fabric using a roll-to-roll heat press.

Dye-sublimation offers unlimited color choices (including PMS color matching) and the ability to print complex designs (drop shadows, gradients). The final printed image is less likely to fade or distort over time.

We stock #2* or #4** grommets in nickel, brass, and black finishes. Standard grommet placement is every 24". If you require different grommet spacing, please provide that information in the "Notes" section above.

To order, multiply the overall width (inches) by the overall length (inches), then divide by 144 to get your square footage. Enter that value in the QTY field above. Put your desired finished graphic dimensions in the Notes field above.


Your graphic measures 2.5' x 3'

  • 30 x 36 = 1080 sq in
  • 1080/144 = 7.5 sq ft
  • Our system does not presently accept decimals, so you would enter 8 in the QTY field.

Shipping charge may increase if the final piece is oversized.

Price listed above is per square foot of printed graphic. Artwork design services are optional and not included in the price. For pricing that includes design services, please request a quote.

* = 3/8" hole diameter

** = 1/2" hole diameter

Note: The sizes of the grommets are the diameter of the hole in the center of the grommet, not the overall diameter of the washer or flange.

Graphic File Setup Instructions:
Files should be at least 100 dpi at full size and in CMYK color mode. Custom-cut files require a vectored cutline file. Click here to upload your artwork file(s).


  • Fabric Choices:

    EZ stretch - Slight stretch, wrinkle-resistant
    Blockout fabric - Has a built-in blockout liner & excellent opacity; can be printed on both sides. Recommended for for pole-pocket banners, grommet banners, and truss graphics.
    • Power stretch - Very stretchy, good for tension fabric displays

  • Maximum Print Size: 100" x 600" seamless for most fabrics.
    Wider graphics can be produced by seaming multiple pieces together.
    Double-sided graphics have a maximum print area of 96" x 120".
  • Availability: 5 to 7 business days

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