Trade Show Display Booth Walls & Event Backdrop

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Whether you’re the market leader or the up-and-coming newbie in your industry, the Graffiti Wall Backdrops from Displayit will help you make your mark on the show floor. With everything from single panel displays and cloth backdrops to completely portable rooms, you can’t go wrong. Every piece is easy to set up (and to break down), lightweight – so it’s easy to carry – and made from quality materials.

Watch the Overview Video to help you decide if Graffiti is right for you, or not.

The Purpose of an Event Backdrop

An event backdrop serves as the background for an exhibit event. Originally these were painted cloths hung behind the performance area (the booth space). Today these cloth backdrops are more sophisticated and provide realistic background scenes for the occasion. Visitors experience the illusion of being someplace else, someplace special.

Say It With Graffiti

Do you have something special to say? Whatever event backdrop will make your marketing message crystal clear is available in a Graffiti Wall Backdrop system. Check them all out below, or...

We’re happy to work with your art department to incorporate the graphics and design elements that will make your display sing. Don’t have an art department? Allow our in-house graphics experts to create the one-of-a-kind image that will have prospects beating a path to your booth.